[05-04-2007] It is here: Boris the Bear Vol. 1 #1 from Oasis Comic!


It lies in front of me: the first Boris the Bear issue of Oasis Comics.
In addition a letter of James Dean Smith himself and some of his excellent sketches!

More information (reviews and so on) soon!




[05-01-2007] The archive is also avaible in english now!


To reach more fans of "Boris the Bear" the BtB-archive became translated into english.
At once the complete webappearance was revised!




[04-30-2007] Update in the comic-area


Adolescent radioactive blackbelt hamster #6 was added to the listing of the parody comics.




[04-01-2007] Boris is death, it lives Boris!


No, it isn't an April fool's trick!
James Dean Smith holds onto the continuation of the series.
Though no more under "Nicotat comics" but for his new publishing house "Oasis comics" www.oasiscomics.com.




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