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BtB vs. JDHA



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Many experts in the "ninth art" are rather sure to know the answer to this question:

"Why the black white comicmarket collapsed in the middle/end of the eighties?"

As an answer, however, you'll get only half-truth.
The most important factor purely and simple isn't known or is ignored! However, the truth is the following:
In June 1986 a considerable annoyed comicfan has started a campaign, which excited millions of readers and started to change a universe.
This fight from which the "bear of steel" resulted as a winner helped Boris to become famous and provided the event, which is only known under the "collapse of the b/w-comicmarket".

You’ll find the most imposing and most famous battle of this war on the following sites:

Boris the Bear vs. Juvenile Deviant Hardshelled Assassins, The cheap and terribly poor Turtle-imitations!





Vorschau 1

Vorschau 2

Vorschau 3

Vorschau 4





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