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What if ...


... Dark Horse Comics would have continued "Boris the Bear"?

According to "Amazing Heroes Preview Special #5" in summer 1987 Dark Horse Comics plans to continue the series up to the number 15.
The Punishbear anti drug story, finally published at Nicotat Comics, should be published in #13.
Unfortunately, the stories planned for the two following issues have never appeared!
The 14th issue would have had a dream of Boris' for the contents: he is Spider-Bear and would have been married.
A Halloween special lay in the drawer for the number 15. The Story would have become the first team Up of Boris with a comic character of another publishing house: Mr. Monster. The target of both: to free an old villa from ghosts!
Furthermore Dark Horse Comic had thought to reprint all already published issues in color in which every comic should contain a special feature story e.g. new adventures of Wacky Squirrel.
Unfortunately, the "Boris the Bear Instant Color Classics" were canceled with the third issue.


... Nicotat Comics would have been able to realize his plans?

As is well known, " Boris The Bear " was canceled with the #34, but it would have been able to run also quite differently.
In "Amazing Heroes Preview Special" Jim Smith had considered to restart the series after their number 25.
So a clear separation should be maked between the publishing houses Dark Horse and Nicotat, because the last-named was often ignored in connection with "Boris the Bear"!
It didn't come to this new beginnings, just as little as the publication of the series over the 34th issue.
The #35 till #40, however, were in preplanning.
The last comic book having been published should form the prelude to a four-part fight against the weird Ghoul in which Boris together with visitors from the future should go on the search after escaped slaves.
In the issues #38-40 there would have been a meeting with old acquaintances: Margaret and Rufus, the weekend Warriors, Number Two and Kronos.
Furthermore two 40-sided One-Shots were in planning:
In September 1989 a "Black Viper and Little Rattler Special" (a pulp comedy adventure in the style of the 60s) should be published and in December of the same year a "Lost Critter Patrol Special"
The last-named special should close all those gaps which were left in the BtB issues #23 and 24.

Also in the year 2005 it was speculated about a restart of the series, which, unfortunately,failes because of organizational reasons.
The same happened to a "Boris Special" which would have been supposed to be published in the middle of 2006.

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