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Besides the various logo variations on the Covers of the respective "Boris The Bear"-issues, at publications of Dark Horse Comics it was normal also to show a modified logo on the editorial page or at the beginning of the stories.
Unfortunately, this tradition wasn't taken on by Nicotat comics.


The real logo of the series:

It was used on the title pages of quite a number of issues of Nicotat Comics, inclusive " the Adventure magazines" and "Dark Horse presents #64".


Boris the Bear #1, 9, 10:

This logo decorated the editorial page of the "most bloodthirsty" issues of the series, with exception of the super heroes- and robot wars:
the destruction of the Critters and the fight between Boris and the C.O. Joes!


Boris the Bear #2:

Already the look points to it: The opponents are considerably taller than Boris itself -- these are robots here.


Boris the Bear #2:

Recognizing easily: this logo also comes from from the story “Die, Robot, die!”


Boris the Bear #3:

The "corporation" claims the cosmic can opener of Kir-By!


Boris the Bear #4:

The editors are overwhelmed by the success of the series!


Boris the Bear #4, Reader’s corner:

In a survey the look of Boris' is on trial: Grizzly or kind bear next-door?


Boris the Bear #5:

“Where walks the Dump Thing?”
The monster tries to penetrate into Boris' tree house by the floor.


Boris the Bear #6:

“Shadow of the Bat-Bear”. Does more have to be said?


Boris the Bear #6, Reader’s corner:

Who has won the vote from #4?
We remember: Roboteddy vs. Grizzly


Boris the Bear #7:

Boris is amazed - Elves exist anyway!


Boris the Bear #7:

The logo is kept in the same style like the title "Quest for Elves".


Boris the Bear #8, 11, 12:

None reference to the stories is recognizable at this logo.


Nicotat Comics:

With the move of the series from Dark Horse to Nicotat Comics the logo was also replaced on the editorial page.
The "Boris the Bear"-Logo was replaced by the one of the publishing house, for which Pookey, Boris' magical plush rabbit, was put aside.
On the title pages of the stories was if the "simple" signature represented, at all.


Boris the Bear #34:

Eine Ausnahme bei der Regel - die die Farben betrifft.


T-Shirt-Logo #1:

This symbol could be found exclusively on T-shirts.


T-Shirt-Logo #2:

Actually thought only for garments. However, this symbol you'll find also as an engine in Boris' chest..

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