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Almost all adventures happen in Rose City.
The fictitious city is located in the U.S. federal state Oregon approximately 5000 km away from New York City.
Rose City represents a combination of the cities of Portland/ Oregon, Edmonds/ Washington and Metropolis/ District of Columbia (= Washington D.C.).
The town is situated at the highway 26 and is divided by the Willamette River.
Rose City has a harbour and an international airport at its disposal.
Furthermore it is corporate centre of the Carter Robotics Reseach Center, a NASA company.

Boris and the Summertons don't live in that hectic town but in a quiet and sleepy suburb of Rose City.
The settlement extends from an unspoiled forest up to the largest green of the town, the Griffen Park.
On the other side of these green lung lies the Rose City Junior Highschool as well as a classic example of a haunted house: Old Perkins Place!
Originally this estate belonged to the rich and extremely appreciated Perkins family who ran a casino during the prohibition time. After disputes with Chicago rivals all family members found the death.
Since then the building is empty and became what it is now, a haunted house which serves homeless persons as a shelter; and not only them ...
Furthermore there are two important shrines to consumerism in the suburb, at least for Boris: Pegasus Books and Delight Collectibles, the local comic dealers.

The residential building of Prof. Peter Summerton and his grandson are an average detached house.
The garage is connected directly to the house, which is builds with a cellar.
The cellar rooms are actually taboo for Boris but of course, rules are there to be broken!
Moreover, a laboratory and Boris' tree house are located in the garden behind the building.
The laboratory is the retreat and workplace of the professor, equipped with high-technology.
Also there is the Professor's probably most important invention, the so-called "Transdimensional, sub-atomic, displacement unit", expressed simply: an inter dimensional teleporter.
The tree house in turn originally belonged to David Summerton. Boris lived actually in David's room.
But as Boris' comic collection got too large, he was moved out. The tree house was rebuilt and equipped with a voice-controlled elevator and a climbing pole.

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