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Alone with his overwhelming charm, Boris isn't able to cope with the trouble which he magically attracts.
From time to time a bear must take up arms, too, if his hometown or the whole planet must be saved!
This doesn't mean only earthly technique.
Boris' most powerful weapon for example is from Kir-By, the creator, personally!
Moreover, he has a high technological plasma pistol from the times of his membership in the Critter Patrol.

Boris T. Bears repertoire also contains other equipment to pass his adventures.
Well, the most imposing piece might be the Widowmaker, which he has personally assembled bit by bit.





The bat is the weapon of the choice, if it is all about to show Rufus who is in charge here!

Browning 9mm

This pistol belongs to the Punishbear and to the Blackbear outfit.

Cosmic Can Opener
Cosmic Can Opener

Kir-By, the creator, left the cosmic can opener to Boris.The can opener is regarded as one of the most powerful weapons of the universe, because it can cut through 15 cm thick "Unyieldium" as easily as a chainsaw through a soup.




Darkness Survival Kit
Darkness Survival Kit

To come out of darkness unhurtly Boris has arranged a unique survival kit,  which consists of a flashlight and Pookey, his magical bunny.
Nobody shall claim he would be afraid in the dark!


This long sword which originally belonged to the "Harakiri hare" is more or less Boris' second standard weapon besides the Uzi and duty equipment of his Rambo and Ninja outfit.

Plasma Pistol
Plasma Pistole

The plasma pistol dates from the time at which Boris was a member of the "Critter Patrol".
After smaller modifications the weapon only can be used by Borises and by Prof. Summerton.





Boris' favorite weapon is part of the standard equipment of the Rambo outfit and is from a locked build-in cupboard into Prof. Summertons cellar.


As a secret project bolted together in the Summerton garage over month, this vehicle should it make possible to Blackbear to reach his operational area faster.


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