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Boris the Bear #34
Last issue from Nicotat Comics

Boris the Bear #34

Plot Synopsis:

Boris has completed his secret project but nobody he could show it is there.
So the Blackbear rushes immediate in the fight against drug dealer with his new Widowmaker.But before Boris can take care of them, they are already finished by the Ghoul.

Originally this issue should be the prelude to a four-part story.Unfortunately, after this issue "Boris The Bear" was cancelled, and this, also in a rather unfavorable, cliff-hanging position.


Night of the Ghoul


November 1991


James Dean Smith


James Dean Smith
Stephen Gentner


James Dean Smith


James Dean Smith


James Dean Smith


Stephen Gentner


James Dean Smith










Boris the Bear #35-40
Never published!

Cover planned for #36.
Boris the Bear #36

Even in issue #34 James Dean Smith still planned until the #40.
So in #35 Boris should still be busy with the Ghoul. In the issues #36 and #37 he should go together with Sgt. Blitz, a penal system official from the future and his faithful companion Morton on the search for a escaped slave named "Mog".
The return of Margaret (who loads up to her birthday party), Rufus and the Weekend Warriors were planned in #38.
Moreover, another new character should be introduced: the dangerous boy scout Rodney Wilaby.
In issue #39 Boris would have met Number Two once more and in #40 Kronos would have appeared again to search for the deadly Moc and take revenge on Boris.

Unfortunately, all this has never been published.





















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